For Christmas both Michelle and I received Samsung A900 phones, and you are aware that it has a reasonable camera if you spend any time looking at this site at all, because I have posted a picture from it almost once daily since I got it. There is, however, a problem with the Sprint picture mail service and this phone. And it is acknowledged by Sprint if you call it's a known issue. The issue is that basically you tell the message to send, and it doesn't it sits in a pending box on your phone. Their work around is to retry and if that doesn't work, then delete it from pending and resend.

Their workaround is clearly garbage, because it takes me forever to type a subject and sometimes a message on the picture, so I am not deleting and retyping the message. They also promise a phone update that will fix the problem. And **no** the most recent update doesn't fix it.

I have found a work around that works almost every time. After telling your picture to send, wait until the fancy EVDO indicator fades back to idle mode. Then launch the browser, wait until the page loads up, hit "end" and then immediately go back to your pending mailbox and "re-send." This seems to work nearly every time.

I also tried calling Sprint back to tell them this work around, but I didn't get a very good tech on the other end and they didn't understand what I was talking about. Here's hoping they release a fix soon... I guess in the mean time I should call again and complain and try and get service credit.

AuthorKevin McAllister