How the heck do you get someone to answer more than one question in an email? I have read lots of email ettiquite articles, and I pride myself on concise emails that tell you something simple, ask a question or two or delegate some sort of action. But very often I send an email with 2 or 3 questions, because I need to know something like: 1. Have you handled xyz? 2. If yes, something specific about the handling?

And the response I will get is. "Yep I handled it." or "Yes" or in a very special instance I have gotten my own emails forwarded to me with the simple line "FYI" :-/

Of course while the last example above is true, it is not central to my question here. How do you get someone to not just selectively answer one of your questions, in my experience it is either the first question or the last question. Or they respond to your initial setup of the context of the email.

AuthorKevin McAllister