For some time I have been extremely busy and my websites have been almost entirely ignored.  (Whaaaa?  Someone is actually reading this?!  You really should clean up your feeds and delete the ones you don't read!)  Since I now have two children, a busy startup to engineer at, and other sundry work I will probably continue to ignore it. But I did actually get around to upgrading the site to wordpress 2.0.4, Installed a different wordpress to livejournal crossposter (maybe this one will crosspost entries I send from my camera phone) and checked in on my google adwords.

Seems ignorance somtimes pays off, at least a little.  I am about $3 from getting a check from google, afterward I will probably pull the ads because it makes the site look cheesy.

Anyway the renewed interest is temporarily sparked by some ideas I had for some quick software projects I hope to churn out, which also probably won't happen.  But I like to think it will, and instead of actually working on the task I have in mind, I decided to upgrade my blog software.  Figure that one out for me. Anyway, here is hoping that Google accidentally prints way too many zeros on my $100 check, and here is to going to get some sleep.

AuthorKevin McAllister