Well I am getting tired of the ASPRE laptop (mycroft) that doesn't boot and when it does capital 'w' can't be typed with the right shift key and the machine I built about 6 years ago (sherlock) not booting right, and struggling with some other issues, and just having a computer that is no longer zippy enough for the bloated crap I want to run on it. So I finally broke down and ordered a Dell Dimension E521 (Dual Core AMD 64 X2 4200+ 1GB 533 MHz DDR2 160 GB SATA drive)  Actually a really good deal I think, I did a whole bunch of research and I think I could have gotten a similar machine for slightly less but got scared off by comments at reseller ratings.  Paid $639 no monitor, a low end video card Geforce 7300 LE (that blows my current one away) of course the Geforce 6150 that is integrated into the Mobo of this new CPU  blows my current one away.  I couldn't find the right incantation  to get into Dell's site where I could just not get the PCIx card and deal with the integrated one, and also get XP Media Center version and get 2% off for ordering through a link on Temple's site.  My plan is to eventually save some bucks and buy a kickin video card and probably another disk to use the RAID capability.  This new machine I will call Gilead. I even went to newegg and a few other sites to price out the components and I couldn't beat the deal.  It seems the world has moved on.

AuthorKevin McAllister