Warning this is just a rant, but it does contain a useful piece of advice.  If you are looking for a Job, especially if you have absolutely no experience.  Don't just spam your résumé at companies.  Try writing a cover letter for the job, and even tailor your résumé appropriately.  Is this extra work?  Yes, of course it is.  But I have a question for you, do you want the job?

I knew this sounded familiar, apparently, I wrote about it before.  Last time I was trying to hire someone. 

So even though I stole my own thunder, here is the bottom line.  If you are going to get a job, a human is going to read your application.  Treat the hiring person as a human.  Reach out to them.  Ask them a question.  Sure, you need a résumé that meets all the keyword search tests, or whatever way some numb nuts HR person is going to use to sort through them all, but, read the job description.  Think about the job.  Think about the person who is going to make the decision.  Write that person a letter explaining what you find interesting about the job posting.  Be honest.

I would be more likely to look twice at a candidates application if they had a letter that was written with me as the audience.  And remember the letter is not a class assignment.  Write it like you are writing to a human being.

Anyway deleting monster.com emails always frustrates me.

AuthorKevin McAllister