[Dr. Leonard Peikoff](http://peikoff.com/), friend and intellectual heir to Ayn Rand, publishes a podcast approximately every other week. Despite the fact that he generally refuses to talk publicly about narrow political questions, he took some time in [his October 20 podcast](http://peikoff.clublogic.org/podcast/getaudio.php?filename=2008-10-20.033.mp3) to discuss the current batch of candidates. He managed in a few sentences to say the obvious about each of the candidates in a way that would be funny if one of these gangs wouldn't be the head of the Executive branch of the United States of America on [January 20th](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inauguration_Day). > I think McCain comes across as a tired moron. Obama as a lying phony. Biden as an enjoyably hilarious windbag. And Sarah Palin as an opportunist struggling to learn how to become a moron a phony and a windbag.

He gave some additional brief commentary as to why none of the Presidential candidates is fit to take office. If you think there is still some reason to choose one over the other but aren't sure which you may want to listen, it could give starting points for further investigation.

I decided some time ago that [I will not vote for any presidential candidate](http://twitter.com/mclazarus/status/943152811). It was with that decision in mind that Dr. Peikoff's statement takes on a tragic humor and does cause me a brief chuckle.

AuthorKevin McAllister