Tonight I had a discussion on voting with Allison. She asked me what it meant. I explained, "It's like when mommy asks you if you want cereal or toast for breakfast, and when you pick one that is voting for it." She said, "Or pancakes?" I said, "sure, or picking pancakes over the other choices." I then added the democratic majority wrinkle. I explained, "If 10 people were asked to vote, and you said you wanted pancakes, but the other 9 wanted toast, then you would all have to have toast." She said, "I wouldn't like that." I said, "Sometimes I don't like it either."

Michelle had talked with her earlier about voting and told her about my decision to not vote for any of the Presidential candidates. So she said, "Mommy said you didn't vote for one." I told her, "If you had to vote for food, and you had to pick tomatoes or sausage (two things she doesn't like) which would you pick?" She said, "I wouldn't vote for either." And neither did I.

In other news the barbie lamp won in a historic vote, defeating fish by a narrow margin of one vote and "play games on iPhone" defeated "go to sleep now" by a similarly narrow margin.

AuthorKevin McAllister