Just a few quick opportunities to comment or send letters letting the newspapers know that even though they praise all the early work of the new administration, it still comes down to destruction of wealth regardless of their wishing or the fact that it was done by their favorite pragmatic politician versus the previous bunch of pragmatic politicians. The newspapers seem to have an answer to the statement, "Bush had a stimulus and a bailout package and they aren't working." Their answer is, sure he handed out money, but there was no oversight, no federal controls on the recipients of the money. First this is false, there were controls. Second, and most importantly, government controls and regulations and other meddling with the economy are the primary cause of this mess. So their idea is that to make the economy work we must become more efficient at destroying wealth.

Here are a couple Inquirer and Daily News stories that are praising the destruction of wealth and productivity as good things:

We are setting up for a perfect storm. Inflationary policies caused the dot-com bubble, the solution was of course to redouble the easy money policies to get out of the emergency which has caused the housing bubble. The solution to this is now apparently to deal with the emergency by looting even more money to spread around and solve the problem. Combine this with the arbitrary assertion of global warming, or climate change if you prefer, and the government will not only steal every dollar produced by our businesses but also make it illegal for them to produce because it is allegedly destroying the planet.

The answers are not hard to come by, just apparently hard to accept. The government exists to protect individual rights, and that is it. When it tries to cure any, let alone every, social and economic problem it necessarily violates some peoples rights in favor of others.

AuthorKevin McAllister