Ari Armstrong is planning a demonstration that it is possible to eat a healthy diet on a food stamp budget. [Low-Carb Diet, Food Stamp Budget]( He is doing this not only to show that increases in the food stamp program are unnecessary, but in full protest of the entire program. This not only protests the evil of redistribution of wealth, but will prove useful to those who think are honestly trying to eat a healthy diet on the smallest imaginable budget. I look forward to tracking his choices closely as I could use some inexpensive ideas.

As a side note tomorrow will be a full month since I committed to greatly reducing refined carbs in my diet and I have lost 11 lbs. This is with never finishing a mealy hungry and with my only extra exercise being a few lunch time walks, going to the gym one time and some snow shoveling. Chart showing loss of 11 lbs in just under a month.

AuthorKevin McAllister