If somehow you missed it, a few weeks ago the Whitehouse thought it would be a good idea to encourage citizens to report on other citizens that were spreading "fishy" information about healthcare. I promptly reported myself and asked to be added to the list of political enemies because Healthcare is a legitimate need of man, but to declare it as a right is to destroy all rights, see Ayn Rand's essay Man's Rights for a detailed explanation. That email address for reporting citizens has since been discontinued. While in the circles I travel I didn't hear anyone excuse this action by the Whitehouse, I have a fear that the majority of American citizens find nothing wrong with it or see it as something worthy of a passing chuckle at those who were outraged by this action. I have nothing to say to the ones who would react in a laughing manner, meaning those that don't take ideas seriously, for the same reason I wouldn't try to teach a pig to sing. For those that honestly wonder why such a thing is worth getting worked up about, I'd encourage you to think about The Nature of Government, why it exists, and what effect such an entity would ultimately have on the spread of ideas while openly collecting a list of dissenters.

Governments are properly formed to secure rights, not to provide goods & services, spread ideas or prevent the spread of ideas. To see the dead-end on that road you need the ability to think in principles and only a passing familiarity with history.

AuthorKevin McAllister