I'm in four fantasy football leagues this year. One is the real deal, the league I've been in with my wife for what seems like 3 or so years every year, but undoubtedly it's been at least 7 years, the TMCFL run by my brother, on a site that is getting increasingly crappy since being acquired by an NBC Sports affiliate.

The other is the John Galt League, where I am the acting commisioner, brought together by the common fact that we all are fans of Diana Hsieh's blog NoodleFood.

I also have played in Ryan Grier's league for the past few years where I tend to be terrible.

And finally as always I picked up a Yahoo public league in order to practice drafting before the TMCFL, although given the awesomeness of the ESPN mock drafts I may stop that after this year.

I am currently fantasizing the fame, fortune and prestige of winning both the JGL and the TMCFL as I watched my Eagles whup an overmatched Panthers and noticed my top pick in both of those leagues, Adrian Peterson, racking up the points. I am now convinced that he will score at least 3 touchdowns every week and I will dominate all of the competition.

Stay tuned for too frequent updates of my fantasy prowess or complete silence if my team collapses into disarray.

AuthorKevin McAllister