I like to think about things. I can spend hours trying to find the right way to solve any problem from serious to silly. This is one of the reasons I'll let myself get caught up in an email black hole. As I was this morning. Responding to or dealing with the tasks inside each email like it's the only thing in the world to work on is extremely silly as it takes the email and any embedded tasks completely out of context. So I am writing this to remind myself, that email isn't my job, it's a tool that is crucial in the small part of my job that has to do with communicating with others. And to turn Strict Filtering back on in front of the tasks I choose to work on. Also the strict separation between doing the tasks embedded in my inbox and the task that is processing my inbox.

It really shouldn’t take me more than 15 minutes to empty the email inbox. I should rifle through each message spending about 30 seconds to read, decide if it's actionable, what I'm going to do about it and file the action reminder appropriately. If it's an email that is longer than 30 seconds to ready, I can decide if I am ever going to read it and file the reminder to read it somewhere.

AuthorKevin McAllister