Listening to Leonard Peikoff's podcast #83 I really enjoyed the closing of his answer to someone who wrote to him, essentially, I agree with many of the principles of Objectivism but disagree with Ayn Rand on two ideas (I think it was architecture as art and something to do with her view on women), am I still an Objectivist? He said:

So I hope you don't think of: this and this and this is required for [Objectivism] … I wouldn't even think about what's required for Objectivism.

Just think about "what's true?" And then if Objectivists don't believe it, it's tough on them. You could say, Objectivism is good but it has this mistake.

You can't think, with the idea that the answers are in the back of the book given by Ayn Rand.

AuthorKevin McAllister