It's been two weeks since the last update.  I'm happy to report that the Rearden Steelers are 2 - 0 in that time bringing me to 7 - 0.  My wide receivers are carrying me having huge games, and typically I've been helped by my opponent not having a great week.  This past week my opponent The Washington Oppresors scored 97, but I went off with 114.  So it seems my team plays to the level of the competition. So a whirlwind tour of the rest of the league:

Culver City Conmen

Ran into the Buzzsaw of the Rearden Steelers in week 6 and despite the despair of having played me still managed to get 43 points out of Darren McFadden the next week and a win.

Sedalia Sea Monkeys

Diana has been on a tear! Two wins and I think most importantly defeated Paul's Geekpress Generals handily this past weekend.  I imagine that Chez Hsieh was a battleground and it's probably better for Paul that he lost.

GeekPress Generals

Paul has somehow coaxed Greg Jennings into consistent play two weeks in a row, however he managed that he deserves to have won the championship.  Also if I failed to mention it, he lost an epic matchup to Diana.

Dr. Ego Spengler

Mike's team won in week 6, but more importantly he lost in week 7.  Leaving literally nothing on the bench he was crushed by Amy's Gentlemen, who was so confident in her ability to win she taunted her opponent by starting Arian Foster while on a bye and still scored 109 points!

Portland Agents Of Fortune

2 weeks, 2 wins, good team management nothing left on the bench and big scores.  I'm hoping this trend doesn't continue.

KC Money Barons

Got the big first win of the season.  I think Corey has aspirations of going 7 - 6 the hard way.  Considering I'll probably lose my next 6 we can finish the season tied!

Washington Oppressors

Dwayne Bowe showed up!

Connecticut BNS Brawlers

Too many Cincinnati players to win, even if they keep scoring points.  Marvin Lewis has suffered from this problem for years.

Fairport Diehards

Ugh, 79 points left on the bench this week, and a ton last week.  Sometimes fantasy is just like that.

Philadelphia Freeloaders

The last two weeks they've let their opponents score too many points.  Work on it!

Virginia Gentlemen

Amy can't lose a game when she scores over 100 points.  Unfortunately when she scores under 100 she tends to lose by 6 points or less.

Next week

I promise to write stuff going forward on some schedule.  And I suspect it may be somewhat useless but I'll enjoy it, and that's what counts.

AuthorKevin McAllister