The Voices That Matter iPhone Developers conference I went to two weekends ago was awesome, I already wrote too much about a couple of sessions on the second day. But the other point that I really ended up getting out of it was a simple example thrown out by Aaron Hillegas during his keynote. His big pitch was that everyone should move past independence to interdependence. And really find ways to work together to make even better stuff. At the time it struck me as stuff I'd heard forever, but he suggested do code reviews with each other. And for some reason that simple example got me moving, I had already decided to work with Ryan Grier a friend, former co-worker and the only iPhone developer I know personally who has any apps in the store. I am going to integrating my latest app, TargetDate (coming soon to the App Store), with his MyCntdwn on the iPhone so we can share data. So when I was nearly done, I just bundled up my software source and sent it over to him to look at or tear apart or whatever.

He gave me some great feedback. And Just that little experience pushed me into going to the most recent, and really just their second, Ship It Society meeting down at Indy Hall in Philly. I definitely plan to continue going to them and to go to the Philly Cocoaheads meetings as well and try to do something I rarely do, annoy the crap out of everyone with tons of questions.

So, it seems like I actually do like people sometimes.

AuthorKevin McAllister