I have decided once again–and this time I can see it being once and for all–to get myself to an amazingly healthy place.  To me that means being below 200 pounds for the first time since 11th grade.  It means some other things too, but that number is the most important one for me.  So that is the primary target, really 190 is the target when I say, I'm where I want to be.  But I want this thing to be doable, so I'm breaking it down and sticking to a rough plan.  The first part of the plan is a sprint to my vacation where I want to be 210 or less. I'm currently 238.  On March 14th I was 244.  And the real start of all this was this past Monday.  I have 109 days from March 21st to achieve the goal of 210.  And here is how I intend to achieve that:

  1. Eat no sugar, eat no grains, which means a diet primarily made up of meat and vegetables.
  2. Play hard.

That's really all I have in mind.

I have two other parts of it, but they aren't primary they are just ways to keep the motivation level high when faced with a stressful day and some tasty sugary grass cake.

I plan to weigh in every day, as it's something that worked well for me when I starved myself on the Hacker's Diet.  It's motivational it ties my high level get healthy goal to a concrete I see every day.  The other part is I plan to write about my progress here.  At a minimum I will write every 9 - 10 days.  So there will be at least 12 posts up here about this.  Probably more at first because I have other stuff to talk about regarding changing habits.  And I'm planning to write more by writing 150 - 400 words at a pop.

Lot's more to explain including the book Changing for Good, what I mean by play hard, and why do I think grains and sugar will mess me up.

AuthorKevin McAllister