About the Site

Logical Disconnect is written by Kevin McAllister.  It's my personal Blog, and has been since sometime in 2003. 

I've often had grand plans for blogging, but every time I start to make it more organized and work-like I avoid it for months.  I intend to use this by whim to write whatever I feel like.  I like to write long thoughtful articles and I like to link to other things I find interesting or amusing.  Don't expect much from this.

This site is my property.  It is not affiliated with any of my employers and represents my own opinion.


About the Author

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA went on to earn engineering degrees from Drexel University.  During and since college I've worked doing almost every possible technical job in various technology startups.  Most of my employers were providing an Internet service of some kind so I've become expert at troubleshooting and repair—typically under intense pressure.  I'm a family man and think my kids are awesome and if you're lucky you'll see pictures of them being awesome.  I love programming, science fiction, football and Disney World.  I've dabbled on the side with iOS development for my own projects and the occasional freelance job.  I pride myself on being able to figure anything out, having a great memory and making obscure references to television shows that aired in the 80s and 90s.