This weekend aside from cutting a mountain of grass I participated in the MS Walk with some friends. I had fun, and I narrowly avoided a foot blister (have to remember to wear better fitting socks when walking several miles), Bob wrote about it here. And while there was discussion of the game we played: The Settlers of Catan:

I really enjoyed taking an emotionally relaxing walk through Tyler State Park with Tara and her parents, Dave, Dave's friend Kevin, Pat, Tim, and Dia. Afterward we had exactly four people left for a game of Settlers, and Tara fed us well.

I noted it was suspiciously omitted who actually won in this ultimate battle of wits. It was the first time I had played the game, and it was a pretty cool game, much more fun than Scrabble or Yatzee (burn). And it was I, Dave's friend Kevin, who triumphantly and most accidentally declared victory after a couple of hours.

AuthorKevin McAllister