So I liked the way Tom's websites have evolved to have a fancy one where he writes long articles and a not so fancy one where he tells the world off through his away message. I don't know if this is what encouraged Mike to break off and create his separate Deep Thoughts blog, but either way the combined effort has caused me to do something similar. Of course I tried to make it more complicated, by using my single wordpress install. I have simply created a separate category called Notebooks and changed the index page of my site to only show everything but the Notebooks category. However my RSS feed should pick up all the entries to the Notebooks category, so the three people that faithfully read my RSS feed every 72 days when there is a new post, should have a bit more than they are used to handling. Everyone else (which I think there are only 3 of them also) of course will simply have to go to the Notebooks Category page.

AuthorKevin McAllister