So I have been selling a bunch of my old books and some other stuff lately, all proceeds go to pay for me going to Mexico with my family next June to attend my Brother-in-law's wedding. But I figure I have a few people who read my stuff this, so I might as well see if anyone is interested. If you want to buy it through ebay or amazon go right ahead, **but** if you want to just buy it from me directly I'm hapy to offer a discount. If you want to pay via PayPal, you can take 10% off the price listed, just make sure to tell me first, so I can de-list it from th other site. If you want to pay me directly, cash or whatever (as long as I know you), take a full 15% off, since I don't have to pay the commission. And of course I'll charge you exact cost for the shipping instead of the flat rate, or you can pick it up. If you want to buy my books check it out:

* [ listings]( * [amazon listings](

Generally pretty slim pickings. But maybe there is something that tickles your fancy. Let me know.

AuthorKevin McAllister