Not that anyone reads this, and the few that do, (my family) will have no comment on this. But I figured I would throw it out there anyway.

How can I have good reminders time/date based reminders on the linux desktop. The calendar itself is not as important as the reminders, the ability to quickly and easily set and edit those reminders. Evolution would seem to be ideal except that it has a habit of locking up a few times a week and also has a habit of forgetting to remind me of stuff.

If there were a service in gnome that sat on the notification area, and let me use the google calendar with alerts, and also updated the gnome date time applet with some basic appointment details that would rule. But I find myself with half finished kludges and tools that want to do all the work themselves like Sunbird and a bunch of other stand alone apps.

Anyway I am seeking suggestions, does anyone who uses a linux desktop have a simple system for remembering to do things at specific times?

AuthorKevin McAllister