I am the commissioner of the John Galt League, a Fantasy Football league for Objectivists.  It's Diana Hsieh's league and this is my second year as commissioner.   While it was enjoyable last year I did little more than remind people of deadlines and schedule the draft.  I decided to try and squeeze a little more value this year by writing up a review like this periodically thinking my increased involvement in the league would make it a bit more competitive and fun, hopefully for everyone. Week 1 Recap

My Steelers pulled out a 73 - 61 victory over Diana's Sea Monkeys while I was sleeping but Phillip Rivers was going strong, overcoming a solid WR showing by the Sea Monkeys but zeroes from the injured Wells and Kolb who left early held them back in the lowest scoring match of the week.

The reigning champs the Geekpress Generals managed to be the only team that broke three digits even with posting a zero from Darren Sproles as they defeated the Virginia Gentlemen 110 - 79, an inconsistent performance from the Gentlemen's starters and drawing a tough matchup put Arian Foster's monster week to waste.

Peyton Maning was playing from behind all day and was forced to throw which helped push Dr. Egon Spengler ahead of the Philly Freeloaders 77 -73 who despite a great performance from Miles Austin but had too few players find the end zone in week 1.

The Fairport Diehards benefited from the Jets CB Daryl Revis, first in having his defense post big numbers but in forcing Flacco to look away from Mason and find Anquan Boldin for a high scoring week netting him 87, the Agents Of Fortune couldn't keep up, as too many top guys didn't deliver and they only managed 69 points.

The BNS Brawlers and Money Barrons fought the tightest contest of the week each getting some solid performances but a low scoring opening NFL game meant Brees couldn't come up wtih the numbers to overcome Palmer's garbage time stats playing from behind after getting blown out by New England, the Brawlers won 78 - 76.

Finally the Culver City Conmen had some huge plays out of Matt Forte, and lots of points from his beloved Patriots which gave him more than enough to overcome the Washington Oppressors, who suffered the biggest injury of the week losing Ryan Grant for the season.  Despite some solid performances from Jay Cutler and Pierre Thomas the Conmen prevailed 93 - 72.

Week 2 News and Preview

Despite the fact that the commissioner forgot to send a waiver reminder a few teams put in claims, the Agents of Fortune snagged Vick for a favorable matchup and The Oppressors laid claim to Brandon Jackson the expected replacement for his lost Ryan Grant.  Next week get your waiver claims in Wednesday night because early AM (ET) ESPN will process claim requests based on priority order.

Most of the match-ups (based on current lineups as of 10:30 PM on Friday) are fairly even based on the ESPN projections except for the BNS Brawlers and The Oppressors where the 0-1 Oppressors are currently favored by a whopping 59 points.

So everyone get your lineups in, check your injuries and enjoy week two of the John Galt League.

AuthorKevin McAllister