Don't like my site, or any site for that matter, then as my brother says: Have snoop make any web page a million times cooler., using Tha Shizzolator

Here is an example from Mindless Banter:

I ran down da back alley, 'n wuz afiable "free" my teammates, 'n as da game goes, that shiznit wuz time "haul ass" outta there, know what I'm sayin'? This is where da dream gots weird n' shit.

As I wuz running down da alley, I thought myself "christ, I've never run this fast before." " Slowly, I began feel my feet lifting of da ground higher 'n higher." And before I knew that shiznit, I wuz completely off da ground, still travelling forward n' shit.

I wuz flying!

Thanks to the procrastination of Tom for this wonderful find.

AuthorKevin McAllister