No, this is not a rant about viagra or levitra prices. It's a rant about bedroom furniture. Turns out it is pretty darn expensive for real solid wood clad construction. So my decision easily swung to veneer finished solid pieces. Which means there is some solid wood in there, and it is glued together or something. Although from examining it closehand it seems the drawers are solid clad wood with the dovetail joints, and most of it looks pretty sturdy. I imagine it lasting for quite some time.

One of the sales guys tried to sell me on the solid clad that it would last about a million years or so. My big argument is that Michelle has been using a dresser that is about 17 years old, that appears to have been done of even lesser quality and looks to me like it will continue to last into the next century. Or until I dump it somewhere.

AuthorKevin McAllister