Wow, the Bush Twins hit the stage at the RNC and were terrible. If they think it is a good idea to trot out the first twins to introduce their father, so he can introduce their mother, then maybe they should go out of their way to have them practice the speech ahead of time. Because the fact that they had never even read this tandem speech before, let alone practiced aloud, was evident by their lack of timing on many bad jokes and obvious general disinterest in the content. Anyway, these conventions are all pretty stupid, the only thing that passes for content is restating of what the polls tell them everyone thinks the problems are. By the way, anyone know where I can find the democratic 2004 platform? I found the republican's after a little hunting, but can't find anything other than the democrats 2000 platform. Come on guys, get your act together, there are only a couple months left. I should have no problem finding these things. Of course there was no shortage of worthless publicity shots and bashing the other party. Yeah I get it, you are both smarter than each other. Now where are your plans?

Update: found the democrats platform. Yeah, yeah, right under my nose.

AuthorKevin McAllister