"A government of laws, and not of men." -John Adams This statement rang out loud and clear to me when I saw the [Extent of Federal Regulation](http://extent-of-regulation.dhwritings.com/) made concrete, [here](http://extent-of-regulation.dhwritings.com/).

What John Adam's statement makes clear is the essential fact in a proper government that the law must be knowable and objective not subject to arbitrary whims of arbitrary men.

This does not mean 25 feet thick of books of regulations, and 6 feet of laws. When both are being added to at a [rate of thousands of new laws and regulations per year](http://cei.org/articles/%E2%80%98hidden-tax%E2%80%99-rules-hits-economy), you have a situation where it is not possible to know in a single lifetime what is *permissible* action in a *free* society.

I do not advocate anarchy, rather objective law. It is impossible to have objective law when every action could require months or years of research to determine if it is punishable by the state. This of course is only the Federal regulations. Every state and town has their own collections of law books.

The solution, stop and repeal. The obvious starting point for repeal is any and all regulations that handcuff industry. And stop all of the regulation mills. There are many government agencies that issue *Rules*. Congress has delegated it's law making responsibility to faceless, nameless, and unaccountable bureaucrats.

AuthorKevin McAllister